Комнатный термостат RET B-RF 087N7270

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Код типа: RET B-RF
Код №: 087N7270
Тип: Battery powered room thermostat with setting dial, LCD display and low battery indicator.
Диапазон настройки температур: 5013567409020
EAN: 087N78060
Сила тока: 85 wide x 86 high x 42 deep
Dimensions: SPDT
Switch Type: Yes
Chrono-proportional or on/off control option: 2 x AA/LR6/MN1500 alkaline batteries
Power Supply: 45
Max. Ambient Temp.: 25
Selectable °C or °F: 0.2
Package Size: 433.92 MHz
Weight: 30 metres max.
Please ensure there are no large metal objects between the thermostat and reciever as this will interfere with radio signal.
Transmitter Frequency: Heat or cool operation, including compressor time delay. Compressor time delay only available if thermostat is set to cool operation.

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